FIAMC: Presidential Easter Message

Dr. John Lee, Singapore (FIAMC)
Dr. John Lee, Singapore (FIAMC)

The president of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (Fédération Internationale des Associations Médicales Catholiques, FIAMC) had this Easter Message for all catholic physicians throughout the World (so also in Belgium!).

Jesus died on the cross to save the world. The resurrection of Christ on Easter day celebrates God’s victory over sin and death. The message of the Cross is that selflessness will triumph over selfishness, love over hatred and life over death.By embracing the Cross and by His Resurrection, Christ has shown the world the way to full communion with God is one that affirms and promotes life. Sadly here exists a few people who target and kill innocent people in the name of God although it is not unexpected in the light of the prevailing anti-life mentality that afflicts modern day society which sanctions killing of the innocents in the sanctuary of their mothers’ womb.

As we celebrate Easter with our loved ones and friends let us spare a thought for the victims of the massacre in Garissa University in Kenya where over a hundred Christian students were slaughtered by Muslim terrorists just for professing their faith. Let us not only pray for the innocent victims and their families but also for the misguided perpetrators of this heinous crime that they may see the light and renounce violence as the solution to their grievances. Let us pray that the students who were martyred for their faith have not died in vain and that it will inspired Catholic doctors whose faith is lukewarm to have the courage to practise our faith in our vocation. We pray that Mary, our mother will intercede for us and guide us to love her son, Jesus more and more each day as we strive for sanctification in our daily lives.

Wishing you and yours the peace and joy of the Risen Christ this Easter and always.

God bless

John Lee