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How can you change your cookie selection?

Through your browser settings, you can refuse the installation of cookies. You can also delete already installed cookies from your computer or mobile device at any time. On the following website, you will find how to refuse cookies for the most commonly used browsers:

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What cookies does this website use?

This website uses very few cookies and certainly no third-party cookies (such as Google, Facebook, etc.). In other words, we do not pass on any information about your surfing behaviour to third parties (such as Google, Adobe, etc.).

The cookie "cookie-agreed" is used to remember that you have already agreed to the use of cookies so that we do not have to keep asking you this. Paradoxically, this cookie is needed to comply with the legal obligation on cookies.

The cookie "has_js" is used to adapt the website to your browser's settings or capabilities in terms of JavaScript.

A third type of cookie is used to adapt and improve the website, to support users, and to better adapt the website to the needs of visitors in general. If you wish, you can disable this by checking the "Do not follow me" option in your browser's settings.

Use of web forms

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