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“Medicine: Restorative or Transformative”

On 15-17 October 2022, the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (F.I.A.M.C.), under the presidency of our former president Prof. Dr. Bernard Ars, met for their XXVIth Congress at the Augustinianum in Rome, to consider the exercise of their profession under the above topic. They discussed the notion of ‘repair’ under the three aspects: medical, philosophical and theological. It became clear that the three aspects needed to be grounded in a genuine anthropology that is expressive of a transcendental humanism. Thus, the notion of ‘repair’ appeals to a conception of the body that derives its full significance from its transcendent character: a body not only created by God, but also redeemed in Christ. In this sense, the exercise of the medical profession is also a response to a vocation: serving a body created out of dust by God, but destined for redemption in Christ.

The fruit of their discussion is contained in this publication, as the collective work of distinguished authors, each specialized in his/her area of study, and desirous of serving their brothers and sisters of the human family from the abundance of their wisdom and skills!


  • Editor: Prof. Dr. Bernard Ars
  • Preface: Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson 
  • Publisher: Kugler Publications
  • Publication Year: 2023
  • Dimensions: 240 × 170 cm
  • ISBN 90-6299-296-X, 978-90-6299-296-6
  • Pages: 262
  • € 19,95 excl. VAT

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