Internationale Conferentie “Bio-ethiek en Geweten”

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Maandag 4 oktober 2021
UCL Faculteit Geneeskunde – Campus Brussel

Description and program

Over the last few years, in Europe and Western countries, freedom of conscience of healthcare professionals has been progressively challenged as legal access to certain ethically controversial practices has expanded. This trend raises fundamental questions about the definition of healthcare and medicine, about access to certain healthcare professions, and more fundamentally about the right to conscientious objection of healthcare professionals and the freedom of healthcare institutions regarding such practices.

On the occasion of the European Institute of Bioethics’ 20th anniversary, this International Conference will provide an opportunity for ethical, legal and medical reflection on these issues, thanks to the participation of numerous academics, practitioners and healthcare professionals from all over Europe.

Scientific committee

  • Prof. Benoît Beuselinck – KU Leuven – UZ Leuven
  • Prof. Louis-Léon Christians – UC Louvain
  • Prof. Willem Lemmens – University of Antwerp

The conference registration fee of 60 € includes full access to the conference, lunch break and coffee breaks. Free registration for students.

Payment details will come to you by e-mail once your registration is validated.

Note to Belgian doctors: accreditation has been requested from the RIZIV/INAMI for participation in this conference.