Renewal of the Consecration of Catholic Doctors to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, at Banneux Notre Dame

In Banneux Notre Dame, a village south of Liège in Belgium, the Virgin Mary appeared several times between January 15th and March 2nd, 1933 to Mariette Beco, a little girl of 11 years old, presenting herself under the name “Virgin of the Poor “.

The Marian apparitions having been recognized by the Church as authentic (in 1949), a sanctuary was built there, which became a center of Marian pilgrimage very frequented with between 450,000 and 500,000 visitors each year.

After a short presentation of the International Federation of Associations of Catholic Doctors, by Father Schneider, celebrant of the Sunday Mass in the open air at 4 p.m., before an assembly of more than two hundred faithful, Doctor Bernard Ars, President, read the following intentions during universal prayer:

During this Covid 19 pandemic, in front of the Virgin of the Poor in Banneux, with all the doctors in the world who today renew their consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

  • For all the poor in physical, mental, social and interior health, through the mediation of Our Lady of Banneux and thanks to the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, they are relieved! Let us pray to the Lord!
  • For at the example of the Good Samaritan, all the doctors always accompany all the sick, with humanity. Let us pray to the Lord!