Reflections on the human being in the face of techno-science domination

1. Societal facts and definitions

Society is changing. It is not a time of change, these are actually changing times.

Techno-sciences are pervading all fields, including medicine, and are particularly affecting three main medical approaches: chemical and digital interventions on brain functions, genome modifications, as well as the use of robots.

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Further undermining the respect for life?

The news about abortion and euthanasia in Belgium.

The Belgian Medical Association Sint-Luke regrets the tendencies in our society that seem to further undermine respect for human life. She points to the social discussions about the depenalisation of abortion and the threatening violation of the right of care institutions to exclude euthanasia within their walls.

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Awards conferred at the 25th FIAMC Congress

During the 25th Congress of FIAMC held in Zagreb (May 30 to June 2, 2018) Dr Bernard Ars was awarded “The International Prize of Medical Ethics and Deontology João XXI” consisting of a special medal with the effigy of this Pope and Portuguese Doctor, and a diploma.

The João XXI Prize is meant to stimulate the study of Medical Ethics and Deontology in different countries and to reward,

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Prof. Dr. Bernard Ars New President of the FIAMC

During the General Assembly of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, held in Zagreb on 1st June, during the 25th FIAMC Congress, Prof. Dr. Bernard Ars, M.D., Ph.D., has been appointed President.

Dr. Bernard Ars of Brussels succeeds Dr. John Lee of Singapore.

He has presented the main objectives for his four-year mandate: to strengthen the inner life of the Catholic doctor,

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Euthanasia in case of non-terminal psychic suffering

The Belgian Medical Society Sint Luke expresses it’s great concern about the  decision of the Belgian ‘group’ of the Brothers of Charity to provide euthanasia in case of suffering in non-terminal situations.  It is of opinion that the justification of this decision is insufficient both from a personalistic as well as a christian perspective.

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